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Our Fraud Solicitors have significant experience of successfully representing clients accused of fraud where people, and on occasion companies, have been accused of acting dishonestly.

You may need our help for either of the following:

  • The authorities want to speak to you about an investigation

  • You might face prosecution for a dishonesty offence

  • You have been charged with an offence.

Our Expertise in Fraud cases

At Harbans Singh & Co Solicitors legal representation is available to assist you. We also have significant experience representing clients in related issues such as conspiracy to defraud, fraudulent trading and false accounting.

We advise both companies and individuals on all aspects of the process including:

•    Responding to dawn raids
•    Helping clients prepare for interview 
•    Securing bail
•    Challenging search warrants and restraint orders
•    Negotiating with prosecuting authorities
•    Preparing complex cases for trial  
•    Successfully defending prosecutions.

Our Solicitors specialise in the following areas:

  • Serious Fraud
    Any serious fraud investigation can be devastating for a person’s reputation or business – even if you are only under suspicion – the uncertainty can be debilitating. Our lawyers have extensive experience in representing clients under scrutiny. 

  • VAT & Tax Fraud
    Investigations involving VAT & Tax fraud can be long and complex, with convictions normally resulting in a prison sentence. If you are under investigation or have been charged, you should seek the advice of our expert legal team as early as possible. 

  • Money Laundering
    The agencies tasked with investigating money laundering have wide-reaching powers. We are regularly asked to assist clients who are under investigation, and where this leads to a prosecution, we defend such clients in court proceedings. 

  • Confiscation & Restraint of Assets
    If you are being investigated for fraud, investigating bodies, in many cases, will take steps to freeze your assets, often with a view to confiscating them as way of taking the profits from any illegal activity they believe you have been involved in. 

  • Trading Standards
    An investigation by the Office of Fair Trading can start in any number of ways – from a test purchase by an official to the seizure of your property possibly leading to your subsequent arrest. 

  • Corruption & Bribery
    What were seen as legitimate business practices will now fall foul of the new Bribery Act legislation. This new legislation will leave many businesses and individuals open to investigation for corruption and bribery. 

  • Regulatory & Disciplinary

       We act for members of professional bodies who have breached regulatory rules              and whose membership, or fitness to practice, are in question. Such investigations          can be reputation and career damaging. 

Please note that the above list is not exhaustive, if you have a case not relating to any area  shown above, please contact us and we shall be happy to advise and assist you in your case.



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Contact our fraud department today and we will ensure your case is handled by an experienced lawyer, with specialist knowledge of the area of law directly relating to your case. You will be provided with one point of contact for the duration of the legal process, who will update you on the progress of your case as regularly as possible.

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Meet our Team

Amarpreet Gill LLB (Hons) 

Amarpreet Gill is a solicitor, partner and head of our Criminal and Fraud Department with over 23 years experience.  



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