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Solicitors & Notary Public

SRA No. 70486

About Us

Harbans Singh & Co was formed in 1989 and is today a two partner firm. The firm operates from its Principal office being in Handsworth, Birmingham as well as Oldbury and Wolverhampton. The firm aims to efficiently service all its clients in a host of Legal Sectors. We also advise on matters of Indian Law with the assistance of our Partner offices in Punjab, India being HSBS Advocates as well as KB Partners in New Delhi. 

Understanding Clients

We try and understand our client needs and what is most important to their busineses and in doing so, apply the best solutions to solve legal problems for them. Our experience is applied across wide sectors of the economy in delivering our practice services. 

Our Success


Our Success to date is based on strong client care values applied consistently throughout the practice and reflected in our client quality and care policy. We adhere to strong partner-led project management, maintaining long-term client relationships,breadth of expertise which is reflected in the team approach to working, having competitive fee-rates and charging structures, transparent charging and advance fee commitments, a proactive approach to research and continuing professional development and modern information technology enabling swift transactions and efficient information exchange.

Our Core Values

This Practice is committed to eliminating discrimination and promoting equality and diversity in its own policies, practices and procedures and in those areas in which it has influence. This applies to the Practices professional dealings with staff and other solicitors, Barristers, clients and third parties.The firm intends to treat everyone equally and with same attention, courtesy, and respect regardless of their race, nationality, ethnicity, sex or sexual orientation, religion or belief, age or disability.  

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